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HerdyLand – mobile game

You can now enroll for the beta testing programme for my forthcoming mobile game, HerdyLand. Initially just for Android, I’ll be focusing on responding to feedback to improve the game before I crank out the iOS version. As you’ll see, it’s not complete, but playable enough to provide feedback I hope. If you’d like to give it a try and leave feedback, I’d appreciate it:

How to fix build error with UnityAds after upgrading to Unity 5

Is your Unity project using UnityAds? Did you just update to Unity 5? Are you now seeing an error when trying to build for Android? The read on…

Unity 5 now includes in-built support for UnityAds, without requiring the UnityAds plugin from the Asset Store. As such, if you’ve previously imported the plugin, Unity might complain. It may simply be fixable by choosing Assets > Reimport All (which might make Unity realise it should ‘ignore imported version’ of UnityAds).

But, if that doesn’t work, you’ll probably see something like the following console output when trying to build an Android APK:

If you’re seeing this, it simply means you’re project is still trying to include both the in-built and imported versions of the UnityAds plugin. To fix it, follow these steps:

  • Close Unity Editor
  • Backup your project
  • Remove any folder or meta file called UnityAds from your project’s Assets/Libs folder
  • Remove any folder or meta file called UnityAds from your project’s Assets/Plugins/Android folder
  • Start Unity
  • Build your project for Android

If this doesn’t work, try doing an Assets > Reimport All, then building again. Hopefully, future version of Unity will solve this problem automatically. Good luck out there!

Boosting Unity performance on mobile devices

Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful. However, not all your users will have high-end mobile devices, so you should keep a low-powered device handy for testing the performance of your games. If you follow the usual advice for mobile devices (use low-poly models, minimal lights, few effects and static objects where possible) you’ll be OK on most devices, but you may be caught out on some devices – resulting in annoyed users. Here are a few tricks to try if you still need to improve the performance of your Unity game. Continue reading Boosting Unity performance on mobile devices

Unity – How to make things see where they’re going

While developing a game, I wanted to enable characters to “see” where they’re going; that is, to tell them what they’re about to stumble into, without using colliders. The answer was to cast a Ray, angled slightly downward, ┬áin front of the character, so he can “see” if he’s about to walk into a tree, or a river, before it happens. Continue reading Unity – How to make things see where they’re going