About me

What I enjoy most: a challenge.

The short version

Hi there! I’m part designer, part developer, with 20 years’ industry experience as an all-round techie.

The middleweight version

I have developed over 100 games, over 20 apps, created animation and video effects for TV and the web, built multiple award-winning websites, was a software engineer for the BBC and also worked for leading online casinos, managing projects, building games and improving their cyber security.

The full fat version with fries

I’ve built many things for many clients over the last 2 decades. My broad skill-set helps me enhance creative concepts technically and solve technical problems creatively. A good example of this is the David Beckham Academy games site I created – I was flown to Madrid to film Beckham and was given an open remit in how to create the games, because nothing like this had been done before. You can see more examples of my work here.

Aside from my designery side, I’m an advocate of ‘agile’ methodologies, encouraging writing clean, maintainable and self-documenting code that distills business requirements, not ego 😉 But I also believe this means working to optimise communication between and within teams, not just optimising code, by putting real people and living software before dusty spec documents.

I’m strong in both techie skills, such as unit testing, version control and pairing; and creative skills, such as interaction design concepts and animation. I sharpened these skills while working on the high performance UI for the resource constrained YouView TV Set Top Box. I am also a published researcher in the field of biomaterials. But I am NOT the same guy who wrote the movie Skyline 🙂

Spikything.com was set up nearly two decades ago, to host my games and other personal projects. And, although initially just a portfolio site, it turned into a very popular little games portal for a while – until I ran out of bandwidth. I still host some of my old games, some dating back to 1999.

I’m a keen musician, rock-climber and love to travel, picking up bits of foreign languages, eating new things and meeting new people. I enjoy learning constantly, study martial arts, play badminton sometimes and occasionally perform stand-up comedy… on stage I mean, not just at daily stand-ups meetings 🙂

You can contact me here.

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