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Here are some apps I have created or am still developing

Want to see some app code? check out SuperMegaChat.

Tinnitus TherapyTinnitus Therapy
Audio ‘notch’ treatment for tinnitus retraining. 9k+ paid installs. Rating 4.2/5
Thai TalkThai Talk
Popular offline phrasebook. 18k+ paid installs. Rating 4.9/5
Very popular professional spectrum analyser app. 100k+ paid installs. Rating 4.6/5
Binaural beats brain therapy for focus, relaxation or lucid dreaming
Mix seamlessly looping nature sounds for relaxation and sleep
Magic image re-shaper which uses a ‘seam carving’ algorithm
3D game currently in beta
Trumpageddon Go
Satirical Augmented Reality app
Super Kickups
Popular little keepy-uppy football game
Learn Thai
Educational app (in development)
Beer Goggles
Augmented Reality proof of concept app
Cartoon effects
Royalty-free cartoon sound effects to use in your creations
Sound visualiser reminiscent of WinAmp
Frequency Generator
A simple waveform generator
Thailand Survival Guide
Travel advice app
Final Tap
Rhythm game (in development)
Drawing app for the Blackberry Playbook
Worm Stomper
Retro game for the Blackberry Playbook

Code and motion