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Spikything Apps

Here are some apps I’ve created or am still developing…

Speccy – Professional spectrum analyser Tinnitus Therapy – Audio ‘notch’ treatment Relaxify – Soothing nature sounds
BrainAural – Binaural brain therapy HerdyLand – In development Super Kickups – Football game
Mouse Repeller – Ultrasonic pest control Key Cover – Anti-hacking app Thailand Survival Guide – Travel app
Thai Talk – Popular offline phrasebook Retro Sound FX – Sound effects generator Cartoon Sound Effects
Oscilloscope – Sound visualiser Final Tap – In development Frequency Generator
WeatherPic – In development ScratchPad – Blackberry drawing app Worm Stomper – Blackberry game
Beer Goggles – AR proof of concept Trumpageddon Go – Funny AR app Learn Thai – In development

Motion graphics, video production, games/app development and infosec.

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