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Tinnitus Therapy PROI created a groundbreaking app to treat tinnitus using the proven ‘notch therapy’ technique, which is backed by years of scientific research. The app reached number 4 in the charts for ‘Health & Fitness’ apps recently and I have received a lot of great feedback about the treatment!

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the hearing of sound when no external sound is present, most often described as a ‘ringing’ sound. It can have various causes and people have tried many different treatments in the past, with limited success.

Magnetoencephalography scan overlaid on MRI showing brain activity due to Tinnitus. Research by Dr. Michael Seidman director of the division of Otologic-Neurotologic surgery at Henry Ford Hospital.

How does the treatment work?

The science behind my tinnitus treatment app is that noise or music, EQ modified with a spectral notch, reduces cortical activity around the Center Frequency of the notch. When we set the notch around your ‘tinnitus frequency’ (best for tonal tinnitus), this reduces your tinnitus symptoms with just a few uses – used every day, my app could keep your tinnitus away forever.


Why use this app?

There are similar therapies available out there as downloaded desktop applications, but they charge upwards of $30 per month to use! I also wanted the therapy to be convenient and portable, so I made it into an app. I’ll leave it up to you 🙂 Get the app, or learn more here. You can check out all my other apps here.

Tinnitus Therapy Facebook page

You can see the app’s Facebook page below. If you’d like to support my work, please like and share the page and tell anyone you know who suffers from tinnitus to try the app. Thanks 🙂


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When I recommend this app to people suffering from tinnitus, they’ll often ask me “Do you have tinnitus too?”. I tell them “Not any more :)”. As a former tinnitus sufferer, I wasn’t content to wait around for a miracle cure and had been let down by both doctors and herbal ‘rememdies’. With a background in scientific research, I thought there’s more that I could do, so I set about doing a lot of reading. In the end I decided to create and test my own ‘notched audio’ tinnitus retraining therapy. Here’s the research behind the approach I’ve taken to treat tinnitus:

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While the Tinnitus Therapy app presented here does indeed help around 90% of people with tonal tinnitus, I would always recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor if your tinnitus symptoms are persistent, because tinnitus can have many causes, some of them minor, but some due to serious underlying medical issues which should not be ignored. The app plays a special type of noise (known as ‘pink noise’) with the frequency of your particular tinnitus filtered out, so it is not harmful, as long as you do not play it at excessive volume (which your Android device will usually warn you about anyway). You can indeed use the app more than the default 10-20 minutes per day and combine it with other complimentary therapies – but always get medical symptoms investigated by a doctor, in case you have an underlying condition which requires other medical treatment. Here’s wishing you good hearing health 🙂
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