Liam’s work focuses on making the web a more interesting place, by making the good ideas happen better. He takes on just the challenging and innovative projects, where clients often need help in realising ideas and creating better user experiences.

You can see many more examples in the portfolio, but here are some of the highlights:

A high performance, device agnostic user interface for a connected TV Set Top Box project, launching in summer 2012.


History of the WorldA History of the World
My most ambitious Flash project to date. A 3-D interface for exploring a world of thousands of objects, spaced across the timeline of human history.


The 92
A massive UGC site for English league footie fans to prove they’re the best fans in the land. The site features a fully deep-linkable blog, league table and twitter feed – but, best of all, an infinitely scrolling, searchable mosaic of user-submitted photos.

David Beckham Academy gamesDavid Beckham Academy Games
A multi award-winning games site. The first of its kind to use chroma-keyed footage of a high-profile celebrity in three online games. I helped develop the ideas, drew up shot lists and supervised the shoot, then edited the footage and built the games.

Golf Night-DrivingGolf Night-Driving
A heavily video-based site, where streams of infinitely looping footage intertwine to create a seamless journey tied into a TV ad campaign. Shot on location in L.A. and edited with the help of the flame ops at Framestore.

Vodafone Mayfly
Using my fetish for maths-driven animation, I built this site for a Vodafone competition to run alongside their ‘mayfly’ TV ad. Users can create their own mayfly, which lives for just 24 hours and flies around the jungle environment.

Dinky Bomb
Recently acquired by Atari, it was one of the first multi-user online Flash games (way back in 2001) and a massive success. Similar to ‘Worms’, users can chat to eachother, pick fights, then settle it in real-time online battle!

PS3 This Is Living
Massive award-winning viral campaign site for the Sony PS3, built at LBi/Wheel with a team of Flash and Java developers in early 2007. Replete with boundary pushing animation effects and a rich sound-scape, it was very rewarding to create.