about this site


Apps I’ve created or am still developing:

Thai Talk – Popular offline phrasebook Speccy – Audio spectrum analyser Thailand Survival Guide – Travel app
HerdyLand – Android Game Super Kickups – Android Game Tinnitus Therapy – Treat your tinnitus
Binaural Brain – Acoustic brain therapy Mouse Repeller – Ultrasonic pest control Beer Goggles – AR proof of concept
Trumpageddon Go – AR app Retro Sound FX – Sound effects generator Cartoon Sound Effects
Learn Thai – Educational app Final Tap – Android game Frequency Generator
WeatherPic – Photography app ScratchPad – Blackberry drawing app Worm Stomper – Blackberry game

The full list of my Google Play apps is here. If you’re looking for my back catalogue of web games, they’re here.

Motion graphics, video production and app development.

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