Thai Talk – mobile app

An essential app for anyone in Thailand struggling with the language barrier.

Thai Talk is available now on Google Play!

Thai Talk aims to be the fastest and easiest to use phrase book app. It’s the only app on the market with all these features:

  • High quality speech with NO internet connection required (unlike Google Translate)
  • Common tourist attractions and useful places categorised by town/area
  • Local emergency and other useful phone numbers accessible straight from the app
  • Translations displayed with both Thai script AND romanised ‘karaoke’ pronunciation guide
  • Bookmark your favourite translations
  • Instant search results that update as you type
  • Search in English OR Thai
  • Voice search (hardware permitting)
  • Alphabetised English-to-Thai AND Thai-to-English dictionaries
  • ‘Slang’ section. Few apps bother to include any useful slang phrases
  • ‘Isaan dialect’ section. Isaan dialect is rather common in Thailand, so it’s useful to know a little
  • Copy translations to clipboard for messaging, Facebook, etc
  • New phrases added regularly

The app needs NO special permissions, has NO ads, NO sneaky in-app purchases and is the cheapest of any comparable app. Don’t get stuck in Thailand without this app! Get the app (Android only for now).

You can provide your feedback about the app here or via the Facebook page.

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