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Super Kickups returns… as an Android app

Super Kickups mobile gameAddictive as crack – apparently

I finally decided to relaunch one of my classic old Flash games as a mobile app. I picked Super Kickups since I think the game mechanic works nicely on a touchscreen – that, and someone once told me that it’s addictive as crack – which I take as a compliment. I’ve recently added a leaderboard and I’ll be adding various other features, such as pickups and achievements, in the near future.

I used Starling for the rendering and it runs smoothly at 60fps on both my shiny new HTC and my somewhat slower old Sony Xperia. It’d be good to know how it runs on a range of other devices – especially if anyone finds the performance slow.

I’m not planning to target iOS just yet though, being a bigger fan of Android (perhaps Apple could make iOS less of a pain in the proverbial). You can download it from the Google Play Store here.

How geek are you?

I recently made up a truly geek puzzle for the location of a hidden birthday present. I thought I’d post it, in case any of you are feeling geek enough to tackle it:


Terminator Salvation online game

I just found this online multiplayer Flash game for Terminator Salvation. Multiuser Flash games have come a long way since I built Dinky Bomb all those years ago. The graphics are very impressive and overall I’m really impressed, though the gameplay is perhaps a little awkward. Essentially though, the best genre of multuser game for Flash seems still to be strategy over all-out action. Maybe the introduction of UDP and binary sockets to Flash 10 will change that.

Terminator Salvation online game