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The92 – Soccer social media site

I created this site with the guys at ChromaAgency and Brothers and Sisters for Sky Sports’ The92 campaign in 2009. It featured an infinitely scrollable wall of photos and comments from users, all filterable and deep-linkable, as well as the obligatory video player, blog and Twitter integration – way ahead of its time for 2009. Continue reading The92 – Soccer social media site


BlackJack – online casino game

While working for Orbis OpenBet I developed many popular online casino games. Here’s one of them, a beautiful Blackjack experience – an oldy, but a classic. Continue reading BlackJack – online casino game

Yummix – Print design and retouching

I don’t usually don’t much print design, but a new brand of milk rice pudding was launching in Thailand and my help to design the shelf tags for 7-11 and put together some marketing materials. A couple of the shots also needs retouching to remove some wheat pictured in the image – since the local FDA said that shouldn’t be in shot if it’s not in the product.Yummix milk rice branding and print design