A simple security fix for Windows users

Here’s a simple way to make Windows a little safer.

Windows users, if you haven’t already, please turn OFF the ‘Hide extensions for known types’ crap in the File Explorer (Windows Key + E).

Despite what you may have read, no, you cannot get a virus by downloading a movie torrent from the interweb. But what CAN happen is that you download something which isn’t actually a movie at all, but a Trojan or other form of malicious script. And, because Windows prefers to hide the file extension (usually the 3 characters at the end, after the dot), you might be about to double-click a digital can of worms!

This is one of the worst flaws of a file system I can think of – not to mention that the ambiguity this introduces into the UI is called ‘mystery meat navigation’ in designer speak. See the image above for where to find and turn off ‘Hide extensions for known types’. Stay safe out there.

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