When design goes wrong

Nothing grounds my gears like tiny Flash fonts!

You know the situation: a designer has given you an FLA file to work from and either the text is too small to be legible for us mere mortals, or is going to be too wide when translated into Russian. Since designers rarely think of these things, I find myself either overriding text size dynamically, or using these couple of handy JSFL scripts that I wrote. One of them increases the point size of all text in an FLA, the other reduces it. You’re very welcome 🙂

2 thoughts on “When design goes wrong”

  1. I’ve no idea what you are talking about 😉 Designers allowing for localised content…?

    Thanks for posting the JSFL code. It all looks easy to read but am a real newbie with JSFL. The closest I’ve got to using it is with creating keyboard shortcuts from actions in my history. How best do you get started with JSFL?

  2. Hey there, how goes it?

    Well, JSFL isn’t very well documented it seems. The best thing seems to be experimenting and learning from other examples out there == guesswork 🙂

    I have another useful script I made somewhere that will change a font face globally – yeah, for when design goes wrong 😉

    I will post that soon… take it easy!

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