meWhat I enjoy most: a challenge.

I’m a creative developer, with over sixteen years’ industry experience in games/web development and animation. That means I speak both ‘techie’ and ‘designer’.

I want to create better user experiences and have built many diverse, award-winning pieces for various clients over the years. My broad skill-set helps me enhance creative concepts technically and solve technical problems creatively. A good example of this is the David Beckham Academy games site I created – I was flown to Madrid to film Beckham and given an open remit in how to create the games, primarily because this had never been done before. See my work for a few more examples.

I’m an advocate of ‘agile’ methodologies and encourage writing clean, maintainable code. Strong in both techie skills, such as unit testing, version control and pairing; and creative skills, such as interaction design and animation. I sharpened these skills while building a high performance UI for the resource constrained YouView Set Top Box.

Spikything.com was set up over a decade ago, to host my games and other personal projects. And, although initially a portfolio site, it turned into a popular little games portal for a while. You’ll still find some of my old games knocking around the site, some dating back to 1999.

I’m a keen rock-climber, musician and love to travel, picking up bits of foreign languages and eating new, unidentifiable things. I enjoy learning constantly, study martial arts, play badminton sometimes and occasionally perform stand-up comedy.

I currently have one foot planted in London, UK and one in Bangkok, Thailand – long legs ya see.

You can contact me here.

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