LiamLiam is a creative developer, with over 15 years industry experience in web, games and application design/development.

His work focuses on creating innovative and friendly interactive experiences, enhancing creative concepts technically and solving technical problems creatively. Passionate about good user experience design and the craft of software engineering; he has built many award-winning pieces for many clients over the years.

Liam always encourages writing clean, maintainable and highly optimised code, employing ‘agile’ workflow and his unique ‘paired design’ approach. Strong on both techie skills, like unit testing and the more ‘designery’ side, such as animation, usability and typography – he specialises in building high performance applications for resource constrained devices, such as mobiles and set top boxes.

What he enjoys most, though, is a challenge. It’s not just about building the thing right – it’s about building the right thing.

This site was set up over a decade ago, to host Liam’s games and other personal projects. And, although primarily a portfolio site, it turned into a popular little games portal for a while. You’ll still find some of his old games knocking around the site, some dating back to 1999.

Liam is a keen rock-climber, musician and loves to travel, picking up bits of foreign languages and eating new, unidentifiable things. He enjoys learning constantly, studies martial arts and plays badminton sometimes.

Liam currently has one foot planted in London, UK and one in Bangkok, Thailand.