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Dynamic Bend Animation in After Effects

Playing around with code-driven animation, this effect was created entirely with code in After Effects. I created a script which calculates the speed of movement of the tree and makes it bend accordingly, even with some springy physics when it stops 🙂


Bird and Davis – logo animation

I recently created this logo animation for the company Bird and Davis, a company which makes frames for canvases. The company is nearly 100 years old and has unfortunately lost the original source of their logo. So I recreated and animated it, requiring just a little frame-by-frame animation (pun intended 🙂

Boka Poka – Bengali numbers song

I created the animation for this cartoon teaching Bengali kids counting in Bangla. It’s part of a forthcoming series of educational cartoons and, if you’re interested, we’re looking for sponsors 🙂 This video was sponsored by Whitecrest and TESL-Pro.