Be a DJedi

I created a little YouTube party mixer, complete with a crossfader and ‘automix’ capability – for all you budding bar DJs. It uses the YouTube Data API and a whole lot of JavaScript. It’s pretty simple to use – just search for a couple of your favourite tracks and crossfade between them like a pro, or just tick AUTOMIX and let it run.

Go be a DJedi >

There are a couple of similar sites out there already, but with varying levels of over-complexity and brokenness. I wanted to create a very easy to use mixer to replace the awful ‘two YouTube browser tabs and no mixing’ type of ‘DJing’ I keep seeing people doing in bars. As well as the basics, DJedi does a couple of neat things:

  • Searching automatically picks the most popular choice from videos categorised as music
  • ‘AutoMix’ will also cue up another popular song as necessary
  • The search fields have basic auto-suggestion
  • Certain popular videos automatically ‘seek to’ where the music starts (to avoid the awkward talking bit at the beginning of many of the most popular music videos on YouTube)
  • For the ambitious DJ, you can ‘grab’ the spinning record to slow the track down

    I’ll be adding more features as time goes on – I’d welcome your suggestions 🙂

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