Webcam controlled 3D Earth

Playing around some more with my webcam, I cooked up this 3D Earth with Papervision and made it controllable through a webcam (if you have one). The motion detection is rather flaky, since it tracks the centre-point of a whole area of motion – if you move a lot it will just get confused 🙂

4 thoughts on “Webcam controlled 3D Earth”

  1. Hi Liam,

    I hope you can send me the source that you use for this Webcam Controlled 3D Earth, cause i am using Papervision 3D with AS 3 for my project too, but the only thing i need to do is to move my DAE object around using motion tracking.

    Send me your source at marieyi.tan [at] gmail [dot] com , seriously need you to see this source code


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