17 thoughts on “Webcam motion detection in AS3”

  1. Cool stuff gig, some nice things there. I intend to play around with webcam stuff more, now that I finally have a working webcam again!

  2. Ooh, very nice. Yeah, just the kind of thing I want to get into. I was thinking to use colour bounds to track blobs, though I guess I might need some subdivision to refine motion areas in more accurate blob tracking.

  3. Not you again Justin, stop posting here. You have not post your source what we are waiting for long time 🙁

  4. Um… I said nothing rsklarew. I think Nikon was complaining to Justin. Seems Justin and I went about the same way with the motion tracking, but Justin’s is more refined.

    I’ve been doing other things, but will get back into this if/when I get time.

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