Dinky Bomb

One of the Web's first online multi-user Flash games, built for TWI's Gamer.tv (recently acquired by Atari) and inspired by Team17's Worms.


PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to legal noise, the Dinky Bomb server is down for the foreseeable future. RIP Dinky Bomb :(
A Dinky History

Dinky Bomb Original was an online multiplayer Flash game, built for the converged service Gamer.tv many years ago. It was one of the first real-time multiuser experiences on the web in Flash technology (originally Flash 5, connecting to a Java socket server backend with Flash's then new XMLSocket capability). It grew to become one of the most popular web games, with all of the Dinky Bomb servers almost always full and tens of thousands of Google results! It even featured on TV, as shown in the video above.

Since then, Dinky Bomb has been redeveloped into Dinky Bomb Deluxe, using a different lobby system and a Java-based physics engine. This was shortly before Gamer.tv closed its web arm to concentrate on TV, selling off much of its content to a third party - hosting some of the games at WePlayHere / GamerParty. Dinky Bomb has recently been aquired by Atari and then sold off yet again to someone else (alas not me).